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I thought it was time to put up a commission post with a price guide-line.

I will do original or fanart. I will also make greeting cards. I could be talked into making custom made notebooks. Rather than put up a boring list of things I will or won't draw, you can just contact me so we can talk it over. The exact price will depend upon complexity of the piece.

For examples of my art:
B&W Ink
Lino Prints

Because LJ is being a drag as usual here's a link to the price guide tables on my website


Update and new art prints

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My gran is back home from the hospital and things are a nightmare. Worst of all is the family fighting. My gran just lies there in a hospital bed in the living room that has been filled up with a multitude of hospital equipment and paraphernalia and piles of boxes of medicine and whimpers and cries and asks to be moved and her diaper changed and whatnot while everyone else slowly goes crazy.

In other good news, a friend from work gave me a cute drawing of a dragon as a belated birthday present (my love of dragons is an ongoing in-joke between us). By the time I got home and the chaos that was going on died down, it was too late and too dark to take a photo to show you.

Yesterday - before they brought her home and this whole thing started, I managed to frame and photograph my new prints and then list them in my etsy shop. Do you remember my london sketches that I had greeting cards of? Now I have prints too! I made them for the disastrous Wimbledon market.

(Click on photos to go to etsy listing.)

What do you think?


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Just popping by to say hello. I have been busy and stressed this week. I am back to applying for jobs like crazy and getting nothing but rejections. It's really hard, because after so many years, I feel like this is the rest of my life. Never catching a break. One admin position in an architectural office that I applied for, I got the "no thank you" response within only a couple of hours. Did they even read my application?

In other news the house is full of hospital equipment and my gran should be back any day now. It is going to be awful, I am sure. And combined with my inability to find a job will just turn me into a depressed wreck.

I finally managed to photograph and list all my new Doctor Who stuff in my fandom etsy shop. I was going to share them now, but I have been thinking for a while now to make a nice series of prints with the linocuts first now that I have my even dozen. So I think I will share once I make the prints. Also I'm thinking of making Doctor Who themed calendars with them too. Any one know of any good tutorials for handmade calendars?

Now I have to photograph and list all the new prints, scarfs and notebooks I've made for my original shop as well... I really want to try making some fandom cotton scarves, but at the moment I have too much stock I have to start selling before spending even more money making new stock. I am hopeless at the whole business of actually marketing and selling my stuff...

For all you fans of proper grammar

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Now that's a good use of that catchy tune!


Life sucks and I need to find a flat.

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Things are not going well. But when do they?

My gran is as bad as ever. Her hip is so bad that she will never walk again, and is essentially bedridden. There isn't enough muscle around the hip to properly keep it in place, so there is a constant danger of it popping out again. Also she is in constant need of painkillers for the pain.

Two nurses are needed to move her position every now and then so she doesn't get sore. She can sit for a couple of hours a day in a chair but needs a hoist to get into it and out of it. She has a catheter in, and has to have diapers on, and when she goes two nurses are needed again to clean her up and change her.

It doesn't look like she'll be able to properly swallow and eat or drink again, so she's had a procedure to be fitted with a feeding tube into her stomach through which she is fed and hydrated. Her mouth gets very dry and every few hours someone has to moisturise it.

She can't speak properly yet, and I don't know if she ever will. She has lost movement to her right arm and her right shoulder is in constant danger of being dislocated.

There is nothing more the hospital can do and they are pushing for her to be discharged. She wants to come home and that is what my aunt is pushing for. Her coming home means getting rid of a lot of furniture so we can fit in the hospital bed and necessary equipment. She wants to be put in the living room so that means the living room will be turned into a bedroom. The council will send carers four times a day to check up on her. But as I said, moving her or cleaning her is something that needs two people. So if she messes herself, she will have to wait until the next carers' visit to be cleaned up.

I don't find this to be a viable solution. Neither does my mother or my uncle. We believe a care home were there will always be carers on call is the best thing. Care homes are amazingly expensive, so we would have to sell the house and even then I'm guessing we would only be able to cover five years' fees.

There either is going to be a fight in the family, or else she will come home and die soon. In any case everyone is miserable and upset and there is no good solution.

Whatever happens I need to find a new place to stay. I can't stay with an invalid who will be in constant pain and will be demanding me to do things I am not capable of doing. With my current wage I can't afford to pay rent, so that is a problem. It's not like jobs grow on trees in London.

Anyway, asking all Londoners, if anyone knows of any really - I mean really, like £400 p.m. max - cheap rooms in London let me know. I would prefer zone 3 on the northern or picadilly line, but that might be too much to ask.

Penny Dreadful ends and Teen Wolf begins

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So yeah, lets squee and rant over TV shows for a bit, shall we? All of it under big spoiler cuts to be safe.

Who's seen the first season of Penny Dreadful? It was advertised on the tube in London. I saw the poster staring me in the face at Leceister Square every day as I went to work for months. So in the end I succumbed and tried it out, and loved it! So dark and spooky and over the top! Very very gothic! I loved Eva Green as Vanessa Ives! There are no words for how awesome she was. You cannot tell me that the whole possession episode didn't have you mesmerised by her. My next favourite is Harry Treadaway as Victor Frankenstein. I never much liked Frankestein, it is my least favourite of the great gothic stories, and I'm not as taken with his creature as most seem to be, but Victor himself I love. He's brilliantly smart, over-sensitive, bad with people, damaged: what's not to love? If I was to pair anyone based on season 1 I'd say my OTP was Vanessa/Victor.

All the other actors where great too, and the scenery and the clothes and the monsters and the sheer ridiculous gothic-ness of the whole set up was brilliant! The only thing is that it follows the modern TV trend of being shot too much in the dark, which means that with my shiny laptop screen I can't see much in the night scenes. I loved all the loose ends and I dearly hope that means we will be getting a season 2!

What did you think? Talk to me!

I never thought the day would come when I'd be hopelessly into a show with such a ridiculous name as Teen Wolf. But I do have a history of loving b-movies, especially ones with supernatural monsters.

I don't get all the complaints about the new season. This show is supposed to be cheesy and ridiculous and over the top. Why are people complaining about the lack of realism and plot holes and whatnot? Don't they realise they are watching a show about teenaged werewolves on MTV? I dealt with all the staggering lack of continuity, gaping plot holes and giant disconnect with real life while watching Glee, Teen Wolves shenanigans hardly phase me.

Despite all the awesomeness of the new season so far, there still is giant hole in my heart for Allison and Isaac (and Allison/Isaac, they were my OTP, she all dominant and take charge, him all puppyish and eager to please). But how awesome was that first episode? I loved the opening scenes with Lydia and Stiles and I thought it was awesome the way all our supernatural friends were introduced super-cheesy Charlie's Angel style.

And when will Derek ever catch a break? It must be payback for being so impossibly gorgeous. By the way, I would have thought that he would be happy to have golden eyes again, but it seems like it's not so. Hmm. Also, rumour has it that Braeden might be his love interest of the season. Does that mean she will end up being a crazy psycho and/or die, or will his luck finally change? With those cheekbones and eyes, I doubt it.

It was kind of hilarious how the Hales ended up being filthy rich. It explains so much! Lol at Peter being all upset at the thought of having to get a job. Peter, I missed you!

Scott and Kira are cute, but ultimately not very interesting. Actually Kira has potential to become interesting, lets wait and see.

I could hardly tell the two new bland pretty boys apart in the last episode. Thank god one ended up being a homicidal supernatural creature and probably dead. That makes it easier. So Scott made his first beta. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Oh, I miss Isaac so much! Imagine all the great interactions we would have had with him still around. Damn you Daniel Sharman for wanting more out of your career.

I hear there also is a lot of hate going around for Stiles/Malia. I think they are so cute together! I love the idea of Stiles being with a half-feral were-coyote girl. I know everyone is diehard into Sterek, but while it's cool in the fanfics, I just don't see it on the show. I'd love more Stiles/Derek scenes and them becoming friends would be great, but I don't see how anything more could happen in the show. Anyway Stiles and Malia are cute together and there is so much scope for humour!

So, is it just me, or has O'Brien been speaking funny this season? By funny, I mean all hoarse and sexy sounding. What did they do to him on the Maze Runner set that wore his voice out? He sounds like a PI from a black and white film noir where that voice is a result of too much scotch and cigarettes. My head-cannon is that his hoarse voice is a relic of his days as a Nogitsune. What do you guys think? Does he just have a cold, or did his voice drop ever more and this is what he will sound like from now on.


Jul. 9th, 2014

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So much to do, so little time!

One of the many many things I have to do is post all my old fest art I haven't posted yet - and answer my reviews, I'm behind in those too! I also have to photograph and list all the new stuff I've made for my etsy shop and share them with you guys.

Do you remember my Gryffindor Harry and Slytherin Draco linoprints? (I had said I'd complete the set with Ravenclaw Luna and Hufflepuff Hannah, but I've yet to get round to it.)

There are greeting cards:

and cute little A6 notebooks:

Now I've added A5 notebooks, for the people who prefer things a little bigger:

Click on photos to go to my etsy listings. Any favouriting will be much appreciated as it helps with the visibility of my items.

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