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I thought it was time to put up a commission post with a price guide-line.

I will do original or fanart. I will also make greeting cards. I could be talked into making custom made notebooks. Rather than put up a boring list of things I will or won't draw, you can just contact me so we can talk it over. The exact price will depend upon complexity of the piece.

For examples of my art:
B&W Ink
Lino Prints

Because LJ is being a drag as usual here's a link to the price guide tables on my website


Supernatural scarves and notebooks

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So a while ago I got a request to make a couple of Supernatural themed scarves. I don't watch Supernatural, and all I know about it is what I've gleaned for the gifs that show up on my tumblr dashboard. So tell me guys, is it worth watching, or is it super dark and depressing?

Anyway, not one to turn down a commission, I carved a Supernatural anti-possession stamp and made two Supernatural themed scarves which I now have in my etsy shop. Feeling excited with my new stamp, I also made a notebook. I wonder if it's worth my while to make cotton scarves as well....

Scarf on etsy

Scarf on etsy

Notebook on etsy


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I really should read my flist more often. My comments are always hopelessly late and useless for that fact.

I have spent all day today yo-yo-ing over making a decision. Following yesterday's post the lovely icmezzo got me in contact with a friend who has two spare Kate Bush tickets. Only they are twice the price I was considering spending. And I can't make up my mind! I love Kate Bush and this is probably a once in a lifetime chance. But I'm poor and the tickets cost as much as a plane flight back to Greece to see my family. Plus I'm not sure I'll find someone willing to pay that kind of money to go with me. What shall I do? But the time I make up my mind, she might have found someone else to give them to. I hate being poor!

Another thing I have been doing is researching materials, fabrics and stuff for my etsy shops. I want to branch out into things that I can make a better profit on. I want to try out cotton scarves, even though once I wash, iron, cut, sew, block print, iron again, the profit margin for the time spent is actually quite low.

I also ordered some tyvek to try out making simple wallets. Tyvek is that super durable paper like material the mighty wallets are made out of. I also ordered Kraft Tex paper, which is durable paper that look a bit like thin leather. I thought it might work for wallets or notebook covers, but it is very expensive stuff, so I'm not sure how cost effective it will be.

Kate Bush

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So Kate Bush is having a series of concerts from the end of August to the beginning of October, which is a very big deal. I had heard about it a while ago, but being poor and having all sorts of other things on my mind I didn't do anything about it. I'm regretting that now... Since I didn't go on holiday this summer, a Kate Bush concert would have been a most awesome consolation prize.

Most websites say that the tickets are sold out, except for ticketmaster. But I'm not sure if that's not a glitch in the system. Anyone know anything about it? Would anyone be interested if by some uncanny miracle there were tickets left? According to ticketmaster the cheapest are £54.00. But according to other ticket sites the cheapest are over £400! Who has that kind of money?

I wonder if she'll be playing in any other cities...

The Winter Soldier and Teen Wolf

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So after months of everybody going on and on about the Winter Soldier and seeing so many gif-sets and art on tumblr, I thought I should actually see the film.

Random thoughts follow in no particular order.

So it seems like the tumblr gifs pretty much summed up the best parts of the film. The rest is action sequence after action sequence. With some admittedly very good fight scenes.

I sort of get how it ties up with Agents of SHIELD now. But as I thought while watching Agents, Hydra's takeover pretty much proves the vulnerability and ultimate futility of SHIELD. One thing I don't get however, is how does Hydra find it so easy to recruit people. What exactly are they offering that is so awesome?

So where the hell were the rest of the Avengers? Ok, forget about Thor, Iron Man and Hulk, I can think of reasons they were doing other things. But what about Hawkeye? Isn't he a SHIELD agent? Why is he out of the loop? Isn't he supposed to be besties with Black Widow, or is that just a fandom thing?

Talking of the Black Widow, Scarlett is a gorgeous woman, but that orange colour they painted her did her no favours. And why is Natasha orange anyway? Isn't she supposed to be russian? I know we have sunbeds in 2014, but I think she would have looked better paler, it definitely would have gone better with the copper hair-colour.

Steve and his shield are a perfect pair. Is the shield some sort of boomerang, or does it have a homing device or something built in?

Falcon was awesome and those wings were the best! Where can I get some?

I liked the scene in the mall where Steve was all "let's attack the guys after us, even though we are in a public space with lots of innocent bystanders" while Natasha was "nope, let's just slip by undetected".

I don't like seeing Robert Redford as a bad guy, it was hard enough seeing him in the Way We Were where I thought he was a bit of a dick.

The evil scientist in the computer? Pretty cool.

So all those pictures of Bucky with racoon eyes? Where did they come up with it? I didn't notice him wearing any eyeliner - at least not any more than the usual amount the makeup department puts on men in films.

And by the way, holy cliffhanger, batman!

Teen Wolf

Why is the cast of Teen Wolf so gorgeous? It makes me want to stop eating. And now that Tyler Hoechlin is showing us more facial expressions than scowling, and is letting himself go hairy, I think I might never stop looking at his stupid face again. Seriously, what is wrong with the man? How can you have cheekbones like that and still seem like a nice guy? We have reached the point even Derek seems like a nice guy in need of a hug, or at least something nice happening to him for once.

So what do you guys think of Derek and Braeden? They are very hot together, and Braeden is totally badass. But you would have though after being burnt so many times, Derek would stop hopping into bed with women he barely knows. But one constant about Derek is his bad decision making skills and how he needs a strong woman to take care of him.

I am totally behind the Malia/Stiles ship too. I prefer it to Lydia/Stiles, because we have seen the geeky guy pining over the popular girl until he incomprehensibly gets her in the end too many times and its a tired and annoying trope. But Malia is really cool and she's the one who aggressively went after him, and I love how he's okay with that, how he actually prefers to be the little spoon. Maybe he can bond with Derek over their mutual penchant for stronger women.

Also, what happened to ridiculous flaily Stiles? He's still funny and sarcastic, but he's a lot more focused and sexy with his growly voice this season. Yeah, yeah, leftovers from being a nogitsune, but still.

The grownups are so uniformly awesome in the series! It's so rare for teen shows to have parents in the know and so active in the plot, I love it! So McCall Snr will be put in the loop soon, do you think? Last episodes scene where he shot the assassin's brains out right into Stiles' face was amazing!

I'm still not getting why Argent is being so nice and accommodating, but he kicks ass and is sexy with his beard, so he can stay.

When Melissa started screaming in the last episode, I was afraid Scott hadn't put her in the loop about fake dying, which would have been inexcusable. But thank god, the kids are not so stupid and callous.

Do you think the Sheriff has taken wind of Malia climbing into Stiles' bed at night? Him dropping the news over breakfast would be funny...

I thought Talia was supposed to be an all-round beacon of werewolf saintliness, so why did she take Peter's memory of having a daughter, and by the looks of it the whole affair/one-night-stand, he had with her mother. This is a very intriguing storyline.

Yay, for Lydia's banshee storyline as well. I love how so much is going on at the same time. What will be resolved this season, and what will be left for the next?

Parrish, where are you? I miss you. I can't believe that the guys saw his name on the list and haven't investigated him yet to find out what he is!

As for who the Benefactor is, I'm not speculating, I'm just going with the flow.


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Many many hugs to all the lovely people who have commented on my last couple of posts of misery. You are all the very very best!

And now it's time to stop bringing you all down and to post some old art I kept on putting off. This art is over six months old!

Title: Seek, And You Shall Find
Artist: mayfly_78
Characters and/or Pairings: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Blaise, Draco
Word Count: ~ 280
Media: India inks, Photoshop
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Gen, but there is a hint of pre-slash if you squint hard enough
Disclaimer: None of it is mine, I'm just playing.
Beta(s): raisinous_fiend, gelsey
Summary: Now the war is over, Harry is left looking for new purpose and excitement in his life.
Artist's Notes: Drawn for lordes for 2013's hpholiday. I would like to give lots of thanks to my two brilliant betas, raisinous_fiend and gelsey, without who's help and encouragement I would have never managed! Many hugs have to also go to the wonderful mods for being so understanding and all around great.
Seek, And You Shall FindCollapse )


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Yesterday was a fun day. After dealing with getting a doctor's home visit for my mother, I went to work. After work I visited my aunt in UCH hospital near Euston.

Then I got home just in time to meet the ambulance that was called for my gran. She was coughing up black liquid and blood. After another ambulance ride (the novelty has long worn off), I spent the night at the A&E getting her sorted. I didn't manage to get home and in bed till past four in the morning.

Now I'm again on the way to work to smile and pretend I'm not exhausted and drained.


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